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The REFCON Portable Modem is a simple solution solving a complex problem within the refrigerated container industry.

Visibility is key to ensure the wellbeing of the refrigerated containers and its cargo. However, on vessels or terminals today this visibility is at best limited, often leading to undiscovered alarms, incorrect setpoints etc. This means nonoptimal and time-consuming manual processes for monitoring the refrigerated containers to ensure the safety and health of the cargo.​ 

​​​​​​The REFCON Portable Modem connects easily to any current refrigerated container. Either directly to the log retrieval plug or with an extension cable depending on the application. From here all data is wirelessly sent to REFCON where data and alarms can be handled by the crew. 

The REFCON Portable Modem can also be used in an application where infrastructure is unavailable. This could be on be on short-term charter vessels or on peak season terminal storage areas. In these cases, the REFCON Mobile app can be used by the crew together with a mobile device for fast and automatic data and alarm collection enabling a flexible monitoring solution.