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Electronic Chart Display and Information System ECDIS EC-8100, EC-8600 with Track Control System


New 26 inch wide screen LCD display(EC-8600/EC-8600K)

WUXGA 1920x1200 wide screen pixel support

AIO display support

T&P Notice to Mariners (T&PNMs:Temporary related notices) and AIO

(Admirality Information Overlay) can be displayed as supplimental information on the ENC chart

INS conformity AMS response

Centralized management of all alerts from each Navigation Equipment(Alert Management System)

Fast installation of ENC charts (Install time reducted to 1/3)

Possible to connect to VDR

Easy software upgrade onboard by ship's crew



Chart display, Ship position fixing, Target positioning measurement, Route planning, Route monitoring,

24 hours/3 months navigation record and play back, Navigation memo and No-go line/No-go area,

Tracked target information display, AIS target information display, System self-diagnosis

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The Simrad MARIS ECDIS900 MK15 is an IMO-type approved navigation system, designed for use aboard SOLAS vessels subject to ECDIS carriage mandates such as merchant cargo ships 
and tankers. 
Easy to use with a standard Windows PC interface, the ECDIS900 delivers precise navigation with comprehensive route planning and optimisation tools, 
integrated chart management and ordering, radar overlay, and optional highly customisable conning display.

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The new ECDIS 24 is an Electronic Chart Display and Information System, which has been designed especially for the needs of ECDIS retrofit.

Based on the well-known Raytheon Anschutz ECDIS software, the new ECDIS 24 comes with an off-the-shelf 24 inch TFT Panel- PC display. The standard supply also includes a separate interface-box  with cable and a stainless steel trackball, all components being type approved. This setup shortens delivery times, reduces installation efforts and offers maximum flexibility for integration into existing bridge layouts.

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HeadwayR ECDIS is developed strictly according to IEC, IMO and IHO requirements and specifications.

The system is able to combine with AIS, GPS, ARPA, Gyro Compass, Speed Log, Echo Sounder, Autopilot and other communication and navigation equipments, so as to deal with varieties of information, including maritime geography, sailing states of this vessel, navigation environment and dynamics of a number of target vessels. It can realize functions of navigation, collision-avoidance assistance and route management of vessels, could be widely used in a variety of large and medium sized vessels, which greatly ensures the safety of vessel’s voyage, and markedly improve operational efficiencies.